3 Tips For Prospecting For Gold With A Metal Detector

goldThere have been many reports in the last few years of individuals that have been prospecting for gold, using metal detectors, and actually finding large gold nuggets. In the past, it was generally thought that the ability to detect gold with a metal detector was not possible, but due to modern advancements that have been made, it is becoming more of a reality. If there was actually a device that you could purchase which could easily discern where gold was, especially deep within the ground, there would be many more millionaires in the world right now. Finding gold with a metal detector is definitely possible, but there are certain things that you need to consider, and particular strategies that need to be used, in order to be successful.

What Is A Metal Detector?

Before we start to discuss how these devices can be used to find gold, you ought to know a little bit about how these devices are made and what they are able to do. Essentially, they are electronic devices that are designed to give off an audible signal, or one that can be registered and observed on a display, when it is close to a particular metal. Each different type of metal that you find in the ground has what is called a signature, a sound that is going to be created by the device once it comes into contact with it in the ground. You have probably seen people using them after a large gathering of campers that have recently left, looking for anything such as watches, coins, or any other type of metal trinket that may have been left accidentally. They are also used by those that are serious miners, individuals that are looking for precious metals in the ground. Although it is probably much more efficient to dredge a large river where gold deposits may be, use a sluice box, or even do a little bit of gold panning, metal detectors can also be used to help in this area.

How Do They Work?

To understand how these devices are able to detect metal, and inevitably gold, you have to understand a little bit about their construction and design. Simply stated, they consist of what is called a search coil which is able to transmit an electromagnetic field into the ground which it then receives upon its return after connecting with different materials that are typically not seen. There is a control box which is where the signal is transmitted and received, converted into the target response that is usually heard. A battery provides the power, and all of this working together will allow the user to find as a result of what this electromagnetic field is able to detect. By filtering the signals, or knowing what sounds to look for, you can easily determine what type of metal is in the ground below. Until recently, it was not that effective to use these detectors to find gold, but modern advancements have now made this certainly possible.

Three Tips For Prospecting For Gold With Metal Detectors

First of all, you are going to need a metal detector that is above average in design, preferably one that is able to help you determine a midst all of the noise that will be detected what is gold and what is not. For instance, it’s very easy to detect iron with electromagnetic frequencies, but due to the difference in conductivity with gold, the transmitted frequency is going to be much more difficult to discern. Some of the most expensive ones have a setting where you can simply look for gold, and if detected, it will show up on the digital display. So you will want to get one that is designed to find gold much easier, allowing you to waste less time when out on the field.

Second, you might want to practice with some gold that you have right now so that you can become accustomed to listening to the particular sounds that are made when gold is actually detected. This tip is irrelevant if you are using one of the high-tech devices which shows a display, one that has a setting specifically for looking for gold in rivers or beneath the surface of the ground. Finally, make sure that the coil that is used that is producing electromagnetic frequency is powerful enough to go several feet deep. This will improve your chances of locating gold that may have been deposited decades, or even centuries, in the past, something that often helps those that are successful with finding gold deposits because of the power of the device that is being used.

You will probably find a multitude of review the web of companies that are producing these metal detectors. Look for reviews where actual customers have posted the results of what they have discovered with each of the products, and also the star ratings if they are given. Even if you have to spend several hundred dollars more on a device that is much more complex, one that may actually be constructed for the purpose of finding gold, you are going to be well rewarded for your efforts, and the extra expense of using a device, that will give you the advantage when prospecting for gold with metal detectors.

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